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Reasons to Have an Aquaponics Greenhouse


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Reasons to Have a Garden

  1. Grow personal fresh produce
  2. Avoid poor quality and GMO produce
  3. To eat healthier, with higher quality food, at a lower long term cost
  4. Options and access to your own food in hard times or times of disruption of food supplies
  5. Personal satisfaction and therapeutic
  6. Exposure to plenty of sunlight helps fight depression
  7. Great tasting vegetables
  8. Conveniently available produce
  9. Food grown organically
  10. Lower food costs

Reasons to Have a Greenhouse

  1. Control your growing climate better than outdoors, avoid weather damage
  2. Protect plants from extreme heat and cold
  3. Control weeds and pests
  4. Grow year round
  5. Keep animals away from your plants
  6. Provide rainforest-like conditions for your plants
  7. Have Tomatoes at Christmas
  8. Grow your own Nursery starter plants, rather than buying them, even sell them
  9. Produce double the fruits and vegetables
  10. Offset inflation somewhat
  11. Lower incidents of parasite on plants and therefore less transmitted diseases

Reasons to Have an Aquaponic Greenhouse

  1. Same as in lists above plus
  2. Grow larger volume of food is less space, up to 4 times that of dirt farming
  3. Income, produce quantities enough to sell or share
  4. Use less water
  5. Raise multiple crops, plants and fish
  6. Integrated bio-system: sustainable food production by recycling of nutrients and water filtration
  7. No expensive fertilizers or chemicals
  8. Healthier plants, you can’t grow unhealthy plants as chemicals, insecticides, and additives destroy the system
  9. Low maintenance
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