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My list of links to people and info I like:


Biotechture & Earthships:

Mark Kirkwood and Morgan Wolfe

Aquaponic Links:

My favorite URLs for info and resources
Aquaponic Links

AP People I like:

Murray Hallum
AP consultant in Australia, DVDs “First 12 Months” & “DIY AP”

Friendly Aquaponics
Hawaii, First US Organic certified, classes, build instructions

The Aquaponics Source
Denver AP store and AP speaker, Sylvia Bernstein
Aquaponic Gardening community

Backyard Aquaponics
Western Australia

Others doing Aquaponics in meaningful way:

The Urban Farming Guys
Kansas City, Missouri 20 families homesteading a tough neighborhood.

Topical Links I like:

Nitrogen Cycle:

How AP Works:

General Info:

Thermal AC Greenhouse Film