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PaperCrete Bottle Brick Idea

This documents an idea I had for building a papercrete type brick that has clear soda bottle in it. This would allow the sunlight into the structure. The block could be used as a “window” block, like the glass blocks you can buy, or it could be used to build the entire wall with. The latter approach would make a simple “greenhouse”. I am not sure how long the plastic bottles would stand up to the sunlight, but I suspect 5 or more years, easily.

It should be light, sturdy, and very functional if built from the correct “papercrete” mixture.

Perhaps Portland concrete, fiber strands, Styrofoam finely pulverized, and water would work.

Dave Pennington inspired me to experiment with “papercrete”. HeĀ  has been experiementing with “Papercrete” formulas for 3 years and has even built a 20 foot Papercrete dome. You can see his site at