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Aquaponic Links


1.      Barrel-ponics

Early system build details for using plastic barrels. Good for background, info and techniques is dated.
“build a small demonstration aquaponics system”
Barrel-ponics-Manual.pdf, by Travis Hughey

2.      Cost Analysis

Manufacturer specific info, good reference for cost to buy and operate a system.

3.      Karen Swanberg’s aquaponics systems

One ladies experiences, has pictures and links, some great info compiled into PowerPoints

4.      Aquaponics 101 PowerPoint

5.      Fish

Good info on the fish environment in Aquaponics

6.      Magazine

Backyard Aquaponics magazine. Good, well-written, thorough articles. First Edition is free.

7.      Forum

Useful Information, a cash of posts and questions on Aquaponics

8.      pH

Adjusting pH in Aquaponics system – How to..pdf

9.      Media Bed

Aquaponic media bed sizing model explanation – imperial.pdf
media bed sizing

10.  IBCofAquaponics1

A compilation of several members IBC systems, with instructions on how they built it!
Not only is it full of pictures and well laid out; its got links to videos and Google sketch up, as well as links to the original thread embedded in the PDF.

11.  New Domestic System Design Tool
Aquaponic media bed sizing model explanation – imperial.pdf

12.  Aquaponics and Food Safety.pdf

13.  Good Videos

14.  Data Tracking Worksheet

15.  Green Sky

Rooftop local market



16.  Best Book

Sylvia’s excellent book on Aquaponics Gardening
“do-it-yourself home manual, focused on giving you all the tools you need to create your own aquaponic system and enjoy healthy, safe, fresh, and delicious food all year round”

17.  Murray Hallam’s Toteponics build instructions

PDF for the IBC build instructions is on the blog but you have to be a silver member to get to it. Best way is to get DVD with video instructions that include printable Instructions DVD “Backyard Aquaponics”

18.  HDPE liner for Aquaponic Tanks

This is the reinforced pond liner that is white on the inside and black on the  back. This makes it much easier to look into a raft or growbed and see whats going on. Dura-Skrim Liner


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