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Here is the Index for my site and articles. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. I’ve grouped items in a logical/sequential order.

Many items have a link so clicking on it will take you to them.

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AP System Journal a chronological record of my experience with my new Aquaponics system

My Aquaponic Goals

Aquaponics Overview

AP Benefits

Friendly AP Micro System

URL links

Grow Bed

Box and corners


Bulk head fittings

Fish Tank IBC

IBC work

Bottle cleaning and cutting

Painting cage and bottle

Low pressure water system (drain)

High pressure water system

Water Pump

Water Pump house

Fish tank cover and shade

Air system

Air pumps

Lines and air stones

Air Pump house

Site preparation

Leveling ground

15 bags of sand 60 pounds each, 30 bags of top soil 40 pound each

burying the pipe

water pipe

electrical lines

power lines

weeds and steps

Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle Experience

Fast Fish less System start up


Questions and Answers