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Trellis Tips

Trellis for AP

My beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes refused to stop growing. When they produced many runners over 5 foot long, I decided I should have already had them “trained” on a safe grow path.


The result is four trellises. Three are basic 8 foot tall ladder trellis

One trellis is a 6’ diameter ½ circle arch.

All are made from ½” EMT galvanized conduit and 18 gauge galvanized wire. I used PVC “Tees” to join the horizontal pipe to the vertical up rights. The joints are secured by drilling a hole and using #8 ½” self tapping, hex head screws.

Trellis with Cucumbers

Trellis with Cucumbers

Also, the screws are placed along the pipes on a 5″ grid pattern. This works to weave the wire around to make 5” grids.

Trellis Wire Guide Screws

Trellis Wire Guide Screws

Tee Joints

I found two types of PVC “Tees” that worked well to support the right angle joints made from ½” conduit.

One is black PVC “Tee” used to join black sprinkler or drip irrigation plastic pipe. The second is white PVC “Tee” that has three ½” threaded connections.


Tee Black PVC

Tee Black PVC

Both required I use my ½” hole saw to drill the holes out for a good friction fit for the metal conduit.

Trellis PVC Reamer

Trellis PVC Reamer


To mount the conduit trellis to the grow bed IBC metal frames I used two 2” worm gear pipe clamps to attached the bottom horizontal bar to the top IBC grow bed horizontal bar. My design had the bottom pipe the same height as the top pipe on the IBC growbed frames, when the bottom end of the trellis conduit is on the ground.

Trellis Hose Clamp Mounting

Trellis Hose Clamp Mounting

The two bottom ends of the trellis set over two pieces of 1/4” rebar driven into the ground. This four point mounting is very sturdy.

Trellis Rebar

Trellis Rebar

Plant support

I just wove the long plant runners vertically, in and out of the 18 gauge wire grids on the trellis.


The trellis were fun to build, work well and should last for many years. Also, they are easy to move and reuse. I would advice smarter grouping of plants when planting in the grow beds. All of the tall winding plants should be on one side of the grow bed so you can use one trellis per grow bed for all the tall plants. Also, having the tall plants on the down side from the sun as it crosses the sky, would allow no shade to fall on the rest of the grow bed.


Height of Ladder Trellis 89”

Width 35”

Horizontal pipe heights 1st 29″ or 32″, 2nd 48”, 3rd 67.5”, 4th (top) 87’ center 89” top of top leg.

Trellis Raw Frame

Trellis Raw Frame

Parts List

5 each ½” EMT galvanized conduit.        $2.00 * 5 =             $10.00

6 each black or white PVC “Tees”.            $1.70 * 6 =             $10.20

1/2 box of 100 each #8 self taping hex head screws              $5.00

One drill bit                                                                                        $5.00

½ roll of 18 AWG galvanized wire              $10.00/2=            $5.00

2 each 1 foot ¼” rebar                                    $2.00*2=              $4.00

2 each 2” diameter hose clamps                  $3.00*2=              $6.00

Project total cost:                                                                         $45.20

Labor: about 3 hours

Tools: hacksaw, drill motor, hex head screwdriver, pliers, hammer

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