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The Value of AP

My theory is that the value in Aquaponics (AP) is:

  1. $-Training others about AP and selling related supplies and installing systems and maintaining them; to others, i.e. the “Baby Boomers”.
  2. Fun interesting, addictive, stress reducing Hobby
  3. Sharing the passion and what you have learned about AP
  4. Feels good “helping the planet” by going green, recycling, getting in touch with nature and the earth.
  5. $-Production of high quality produce and flora for your family. Offsetting the cost of groceries.
  6. Home grown produce sold, or traded, to local friends one-on-one.
  7. CSA’s, Co-ops, community gardens, and other group efforts that share the cost of good produce. This is an extension of #4
  8. Community programs: , feed the neighborhood, mission work, Haiti increased food production, etc. (i.e. feels good as a group)
  9. $-Only makes money commercially, when run well as a large, long term business setup, in a previously proven market, with a proven system design, and known marketable plants, like lettuce. Also customers identified and secured in advance of venture.
  10. $- For profit, small business providing fresh produce to local restaurants and periodically open to the public as a one owner “Produce Market”, or distributing to group buys.

I have no interest in #1.

I’m working for #2-5

I want to get to #6.

#7 I HOPE CSA’s, Co-ops and other group efforts will be practical and financially feasible, but believe they mostly will not be.

I have no interest in #8.

I believe #9 works

I believe #10 is true and want to be able to prove it and then do it!

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