Startup Cycle Data Tracking

by Bob on April 22, 2013

Startup Cycle Data Tracking

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This time of year there are more people starting up Aquaponic systems. During our basic Aquaponic classes the discussion often comes around to

“How do I track my system start up data?” or

“What does it look like when you start up a typical system”

Well, to that end I have uploaded my spreadsheet that I use when tracking the readings from starting up a system. You may remember it from this post for June 2011.

–> Startup Cycle Data Tracking V2 <–

Feel free to download, use, and share. Give me credit if you like it or share it. If you make it better, send me a copy so we can share the improvements!

You may find this info helpful also. Aquaponic Video Ammonia

Journal Sequential comments about what we did and learned about our new system



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