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Nitrogen Cycle Experience

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Here is a graph with the data for the first 19 days.

System Levels 27Jul11

System Levels 27Jul11

This is my experience for the first 40 days all on one graph.

Startup graph 40 days

Startup graph 40 days

(Click on the picture to see it enlarged)

I started out by adding Ammonia and the Nitrifying Bacteria day 1. By day 11 the Nitrites peaked and about day 19 the Nitrates peaked. The Nitrite, Nitrate, hardness, and alkalinity all “balanced out” at about day 30.

It looks like I didn’t go through such a “fast stat up Nitrogen cycle” after all, and I’m guessing the heat directly effected the cycle time.

Note: At day 22 I started taking samples every 2-3 days to save on time and test strips.

August 17, 2011: Too much Algae in the system presently. No way to keep the sunlight out without a major shade creation effort. I’m thinking AP growing in TX in the summer is best done in deep shade! At least the Taro loves the sun. Wonder if I could setup a top layer of the Taro plants and use their huge leaves to shade the other plants? hum…


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