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Mark Shepard Restoration Agriculture

Restoration Agriculture Farm

Aquaponics is a subset of the Permaculture philosophy.

Permaculture philosophy is a subset of restoration agriculture.

Check out Mark Shepard’s video describing his approach to minimum work for maximum productions. Key to his design is using parental plants for producing food, rather than annual plants. This way he plants once and harvest from now on!

Fascinating ideas that he has proven.

The picture above is of Mark’s “farm” and represents the work done on 100 acres over 15 years. I’m excited to think I can use my brain rather than my back to improve nature’s results in my favor!

Destructive Monocrop Farming is failing. Can you see the tractor in the field in this picture

Destructive Monocrop Farming

The farmer has to expose his soil’s healthy eco system annually by tilling the ground, thus destroying the very system that he is trying to maximize. Also, his land sets unproductive 6-9 months out of the year!

Check out the video and then take a look at his book about the subject.

YouTube Video


Restoration Agriculture Book


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