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Local Food and Commercial Food

GroceriesHow much of the food in the picture do you think is made or grown locally? None!

Where does your food come from, what is in it, how is it treated before you get it?

My definition of a food chain:
The steps required to convert sunlight into food and transport it to market.

Here is my attempt to sequentially compare the local and commercial food chain. I’ve included some elements to increase perspective.

Local Produce Commercial Produce
Farmer Company
Local farm Business farm
Organic dirt Manufactured dirt
Sun Sun
Water Water
Varieties of plants, Heritage seeds One type plant, manufactured seeds
Natural growing Chemical growing, additives
Replenishes nature Pollutes and destroys nature
Picked when ripe Picked before ripe
Local markets 10-100 miles Distant markets 500-1500 miles
Local distribution promotes less oil abuse Excessive distance promotes more oil drilling
1-2 days old 2-6 weeks old
No treatment, natural Treated during shipment to look ripe
No delay to market Trucked and Warehoused
No delay to market Grocery store handles & stores
Looks natural, some defects, character Looks good
No additives Lots of additives
High food value Low food value
Tastes good Tasteless or little taste
Keeps long Ages quickly
Health benefits Unhealthy after effects
Promotes better local health Promotes poorer local health
Price is average to somewhat higher Price is average
Can know your food producer Cannot know your food producer
Local bond creates trust Distance creates mistrust and low accountability
Helps local economy Helps remote economy
Supports availability of more local food Supports disconnected corporate behavior
Promotes better stewardship of earth Promotes poor stewardship of earth

Vote to improve our planet with your food dollar. Buy Local!

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