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Ins and Outs

Inputs to the Aquaponics System

  1. air bubbles
  2. Sunlight (or grow lights) for photosynthesis
  3. water movement/circulation
  4. electricity for the air and water pumps
  5. fish food

AP inputs – one time or another

  1. Water to first fill up the system, and to top it off from evaporation (minor)
  2. Biology – naturally occurring in the air or add for fast start-up
  3. Starter fish
  4. Plants
  5. Water to top off the system from evaporation (minor)
  6. testing supplies for system start up and maintenance
  7. minor maintenance of system and equipment- replace bad pump, etc.

AP System Outputs

  1. Produce / Plants
  2. Fish
  3. Prawns (optional)
  4. Plant scrap, like roots, corn husks, stalks, etc.
  5. fertilizer  i.e. Fish detoxified excrement solids ( balanced system converts these solids)
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