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Greenhouse Frame

Greenhouse Frame May 2013

The Greenhouse project is coming along nicely. Sore muscles, old age, bad weather have all slowed me down for a while. Here is what I’ve accomplished do far.

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Greenhouse Planning

Bolt Together Greenhouse

The greenhouse inside dimensions are 12′ Wide x 11’6″ Deep x 7′ High and 12′ high to peak.

The completed foundation consists of 4″x4″x12′ treated lumber, leveled in the ground and strapped together with metal angle brackets and carriage bolts.n Notice one of the 3 walls in the background leaning against the fence. The walls will all be 7′ high to save materials and help meet code height restrictions.

Greenhouse Foundation

TheĀ 4by4s are bolted together so they will act as one piece and not have one end sink into the ground or move around.

Greenhouse Foundation CornerWe staked the 4by4s to the ground at an angle usingĀ  24″ long 1/2″ rebar so they won’t move around.

Greenhouse Foundation Rebar

The two sections of roof gables were assembled in the air, on top of the walls and then bolted together. All lumber was precut and stained to make it easier when assembling / building the Greenhouse.

GH Ladder Gable

Two people could unbolt the entire frame, section by section, and put it on a trailer for relocation, should that be necessary. No nails were used, just 3″ long phillip’s head deck screws and a few bolts. Three walls are identically built and the fourth is the same with the exception of a door added. These are all screwed to the foundation and then bolted together.

All lumber is 2″x4″ sealed with Behr clear 10 year deck preservative #500

Behr GH Stain 500

I’ll share more as I make progress.

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