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GMO vs Hybrids


Desirable characteristics are selected from two unique parent plants and cross-pollinate to create a plant with the best features of both.

Hybrid Corn

Hybrid Corn

Example: Red and Yellow corn cross-pollinated to yield several color kernels on the same plant.

Example: Short ear corn with big kernels cross-pollinated with long ear corn with small kernels to get long ear with big corn kernels.


GMO = genetically modified organisms

A plant variant that contains one or more genes from an entirely different species. An example of a GMO plant on that hasĀ  pesticide engineered into its genetic makeup. The theory is that it will kill bugs but not harm you when you eat it, but their is no proof or adequate testing. Most countries have banned GMO crops or required proper labeling / warning.



Example: Corn with Bt, a pesticide, added is likely to kill bugs



and do other unwanted damage.

Man Down

Man Down


Also, GMO seeds come with intellectual property rights so the seeds can’t be used the next year without paying the corporation holding the patent.

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