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Fish Poop

The cycle of life in the AP system starts with fish food, and then fish poop. Get these two wrong and the rest of your system suffers.

“How do you get fish poop wrong?” You ask.

If the fish don’t absorb the nutrients from the fish food, then the poop is excrement, rather than future fertilizer! So it all starts with the right fish food.

Fish Food Pellets

Fish Food Pellets

You want to be serving food with enough protein and nutrients for your fish at the stage they are in their life. Ex: 32 percent protein is what I look for in the fish food I’ll feed my 8″ Tilapia. Also, I prefer 1/8 (3 mm) pellet size floating catfish food.

The way to ID easily digestible fish food is by the poop. If it is clear, slimy, and easily disappears into the fish tank water when rubbed between your (gloved) fingers then the fish food is doing its job. IE the fishes are absorbing the nutrients.

If the fish food (typically corn and soybean) is gritty when you crush it, it will be gritty when it goes through the fish. This is because the food content was not ground finely enough for the fish to digest easily.

Fish Food Grit

Fish Food Grit

  • Big particles through fish
  • equals hard to digest
  • equals gritty fish poop
  • equals extra load on and more solids in your system
  • equals less quality results in your fish and in your plants

So that’s the poop on fish poop!

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