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First Fruits

Well, not really fruits, and not really first because it’s more like last fruits.

Salad January

You see the picture is of the last produce from our first year of growing in Aquaponics, July 2010 – early January 2011. We had a variety of green leafy plants, enough so to make a salad. Julia and Kaylee took it to the Ladies class at church. Boy was it exciting to share tasty plants from our “water and rock” garden, with our friends.

The salad consisted of three types of lettuce, bok choy,  pok choy, onions, and a little cabbage. We had previously harvested and eaten tiny carrots we grew in our raft system.

Here are some other pictures of our first year Aquaponics produce.

Squash, peppers, Basel, thyme, lettuce, etc.

Carrots 2010

The carrots were contained by the 2″ net pots, but still managed to grow some tasty fragrant produce. The tops of the carrots were bushy very healthy and smelled wonderful.

Peeled Taro Corm

The Taro plants grew well in rafts and in the pots. The corm is what the Hawaiians use to make Poi, supposedly very good for you. We only tasted it raw. Tastes somewhat like a potato with similar texture. Was a little sweet tasting. Perhaps next year we will harvest enough to make Poi!

My Fish - Tilapia

The Tilapia died when the water temperature got to about55 degrees F. They were in our raft system. The Goldfish and Koi in our “rock” (fill and drain) system have toughed out the cold weather. We are due a “hard freeze” soon later this month (January 2011), so we will see how durable they are.

I have stacked leaves around all the pipes, some still in bags, in hope the “composting” will create heat or at least the leaves will help insulate the pipes somewhat.

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