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Compost is the humus-rich material that results from the decomposition (decay) of organic material, such as grass clippings, tree and shrub trimmings, food, cardboard, and paper.  Compost contributes nutrients and beneficial life to the soil, improves soil structure and fertility, improves drainage, and helps prevent storm water runoff that can pollute rivers and lakes.

The use of compost promotes soil health that is vital to growing beautiful lawns, plants and landscapes.

Plano Compost

Info and quote from City of Plano Website

Cities used to collect yard and tree waste and put in the land fill.

Some cities learned people would use the materials on lawns and gardens if they were mulched and composted a bit. The city would deliver truck loads if you asked for it, on mulch collection days. Later cities found residents would come get the materials and made it available at sub stations in several neighborhoods.

Recently the city of Plano has started diverting all yard waste to a compost facility and selling the compost as several type products. This saves the city money and helps residents find cheap yard and garden products.

Costs range from $3.50 to $5.00 for a 40 pound bag.

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