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Commercial Friend

Kevin Tyefforts Greenhouse

This is a picture inside Kevin Twyeffort’s 9,250 plant Central Texas Greenhouse built from Friendly Aquaponic, and others plans. His system has two long troughs full of 2’x2′ rafts, a large worm & rock pre-filter, and geothermal cooling tubes vented with a swamp cooler.

He has two 1500 gallon fish tanks in his fish house made from two  8’x40’ shipping containers insulated with rice hulls in sand bags.

The greenhouse is about 2 hours from Houston and Dallas and an hour from Austin, so he is centrally located to population centers. The 3000 lettuce plants he produces per week will be sold through a distributor that brings  a box of naturally grown produce to your door!

Kevin is a retired army guy and got a government loan to build his business. First government loan for Aquaponics in Texas and perhaps in the United States! According to my info.

Kevin’s business name is Loaves and Fishes Farms

Dave Pennington and Kevin hosted an Aquaponic’s meeting Sunday 10 Feb 2013 to share Kevin’s encouraging story.

Dave and Kevin

Link for more info about the past meetup:

AQUAPONIC Meetup w. commercial grower & new technology


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