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Bolt Together Greenhouse

To upgrade my Aquaponics interest to commercial I needed a greenhouse. Go here to read my planning and reasoning.
Reasons to Have an Aquaponics Greenhouse
Greenhouse Planning

Greenhouse Design Requirements:

Large enough to grow quantity of produce necessary for reasonable return, i.e. 1 year ROI.

Greenhouse is large enough to hold a full Friendly Micro 64 system and larger. This design will hold 2 each 4’x8’ rafts and IBC fish tank, plus a 2’x8’ raft, for 8+8+4 = 20 rafts 2’x2’ each or 80 square foot of raft area. This would be 320 to 525 plants depending on size and planting density.

  • Maximum estimated production: 525 plants, 4-5 weeks to grow, so 1/5 or 105 plants mature each week.
  • 100/7 = plants a day, X 30 days = plants a month sold or 450
  • At $1a plant estimated wholesale income $450 a month
  • Higher income if I choose to invest the time and costs to do retail sale (ex: produce booth)
  • For 525 plants
    • $450 x 12 months = $5400
    • $450 x 9 months = $4050
  • For 320 plants
    • $5400 x 3/5= $3290
    • $4050 x 3/5= $2470

Designed to be

  • 12’ wide and 11’5” deep inside
  • assembled with screws for each section
  • sections bolt together to allow disassembly for relocating in the future
  • Attractive
  • Sturdy, ridged, with long life expectancy
  • Significantly less cost than kits, prebuilt, or site built
  • Able to be erected by one person
  • All parts available locally
  • Warranty available on most expensive pieces
    • Polycarbonate panels
    • Paint/stain
  • Foundation to support and protect the building from high wind, too much moisture, and dry ground.
  • Total costs to be under $2000 (Site built 12’X12’ equivalent structures can be twice that)
  • Greenhouse to have a water spigot, electricity, sockets, switches, and lighting, at extra cost.

I found a good support person at Home Depot, Shawn. He is a “Pro” and helped me come up with the parts list. The parts have been ordered and delivered

I’ve completed the foundation and I’m completing all of the framing, roof joist assembly, and staining. After that I will work on installing the siding at the base and the clear polycarbonate on the upper walls and roof.

More as I complete the next stage.


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