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Bell Siphon Overview

I got my best training about Bell Siphons from Affnan’s website.  Take a look at his site. Also see his blog here. Here is his blog article with Bell Siphon info.

There are several designs for Bell Siphons. Here are the pieces of one type of  Bell Siphon.

Grow bed and bulkhead fitting.Afnan 2 Bulkhead

DrainAfnan 3 Drain

Stand pipeAfnan 4 Stand Pipe

Bernoulli FunnelAfnan 5 Bernoulli Funnel

Siphon’s BellAfnan 6 Bell


Afnan 7 Filter

Bell Siphons work well when a good design is implemented. They are a source of irritation when the relationships, dimensions, and cleanliness change the Siphon action.

Too much water flowing into the grow bed and Siphon may never stop, growbed stays full.

Too little water flowing into the grow bed and the Siphon may never start, growbed stays full.

Correct water flow kept within a comfortable range and Siphon usually always works.

Affnan explains it well in his YouTube video “Affnan’s Aquaponics – Help Us Go Green

Bell Siphon Info

Affnan’s Bell Siphon Example

Bell Siphon Affnan Ex

Closest USA pipe dimensions:

4 mm = 5/32” for  air hole for siphon vacuum break

15 mm = 1/2”for bulk head and Stand pipe

25 mm = 1”for Funnel, 38 mm = 1 ½”for maximum Funnel size

60 mm = 2 ¼”for Bell


Bell Siphon college report

“Construction of Automatic Bell Siphons
for Backyard Aquaponic Systems”

Bell Siphons 4 sizes b

Bell Siphons 4 sizes a

Automatic Watering for Global Buckets (like EarthBox®)

Bell Siphon Experiments


The Siphon

Aquaponics – Cheep Bell Siphon with Plastic Bottles

55 Gallon Barrel AP System

Single Barrel – Update 14th Nov 2010

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