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Bee Sting Remedy

Best Bee Sting Remedies

Spring brings out the bees and wasps, and other stinging insects. Most of us call any insects that fly and sting, a”bee”.

The insects that sting most often are not bees. It turns out that bees don’t sting unless they fell threatened, as they die in the process.

In case you get a bee sting here is a link to a good article about bee sting remedies. The author actually paid a bee keeper to be stung several times so he could test the remedies.

What’s the best remedy for a bee sting?

15 Bee Sting Home Remedies & Tips

  1. Make a paste of meat tenderizer and water or baking soda and water–apply to bite.
  2. Sprinkle generously with baking soda then drizzle some drops of vinegar over the baking soda to make it fizz. Leave on skin until pain is gone.
  3. Cover with a dot of mustard.
  4. Slather on a thick paste made of meat tenderizer and vinegar.
  5. Cover with honey and reapply as needed for pain.
  6. Dab with a generous amount of toothpaste and leave on the wound.
  7. Use ice or an ice pack.
  8. Soak in Epsom salt and water or make paste with it.
  9. Slather on Aloe Vera.
  10. Chew a plantain leaf then apply the macerated leaf.
  11. Crush fresh parsley and apply.
  12. Crush fresh basil leaves and apply.
  13. Drizzle apple cider vinegar over it.
  14. Cover with a slice of fresh papaya.
  15. Dab on a bit of deodorant.

The easiest and best remedy is

  • ice
  • toothpaste, Crest Advanced Cleaning

If you want to buy or create a remedy

  • best from the pharmacy is Caladryl lotin
  • meat tenderizer used in a vinegar and baking soda paste costs less and works as well


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