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AP Grows Food Fast

“Fast Food”

Plants grow faster in Aquaponics systems!

I am told they grow from 2-3 times faster and at 4-5 times the density of typical “dirt” farming. That’s 1/4 the space needed and 1/2 the time to wait to get better results!

Here is a picture of my first measurable success, a seed to seedling in 4 days.


Basil - "Fast Food"

I didn’t believe it so i replanted and repeated the results. Had organic seeds and good hot sun in July 2011. The system had lots of Nitrates but was not totally through the Nitrogen cycle. I believe the lemon juice pH adjustment I used for soaking the seed helped, but was not necessary. The nutrient absorption in AP is just amazing to behold. Even an ADHD proneĀ  guy like me doesn’t have time to get impatient “watching plants grow”.

I wonder if you could mix AP water with paint and it would dry 3-4 times faster?

Take a look at Friendly Aquaponics pictures on how their food grew fast. They show marked improvement in one day on some plants!



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