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AP Goals

These are the goals I have for my Aquaponics involvement. The first four are hobby oriented, the last four are business oriented.

  1. Decide on system to start with to learn on.
  2. Build an AP system, startup up the Nitrogen cycle, understand day-to-day operation, see plants and fish grow successfully. Document system experience, measurements, challenges, etc.
  3. ID best plants to grow based on speed of growth, ease of care.
    Ex: squash don’t like heat. Beans go nuts!, etc.
  4. Prove AP systems value to my family as food.
    Recover some of the money spent building the system by eating the produce we would otherwise have to purchase.
  5. Sell produce from AP system;  Friends and neighbors, Local Market, Farmer’s Market:
    produce, monthly, weekly, etc.
    ID opportunity and challenges of selling AP fish
  6. Commercial:
    Prove viability of a minimal sized commercial AP system
    Grow plants that grow fast, sell well, produce good ROI.
    May require a club, or team.
    ROI nice but not the object. Goal is to understand how to do all correctly to produce a good ROI.
  7. Build my first commercial AP business:
    May require a loan, or grant.
    ROI clearly in place from day 1 planning and planting.
  8. Grow my commercial AP system in size and income.
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