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Abbreviations and Terms

AES  = Aquatic Eco Systems,

AP = Aquaponics

APF = Aquaponics Fun , us or our website

Apsfun = same as APF

CHOP or CHOP2 = Murray Hallam’s ebb & flow system design using IBC Toes. Means Constant Height one pump.

Deep-water raft system = The AP growbed trough in our FAP system. Water is 8” to 9” deep with a 2” raft on the water in the 12” deep growbed. The deeper water makes the system water temp and biology balance more stable.

FAP = Friendly Aquaponics

Growbed or grow bed = the place in the FAP AP system where the plants are grown. See trough & Raft

MS 64 or MS 64 and 128 = The Micro System 64 and 128 AP system FAP sells plans to use to build and operate an AP system.

Net Pot = the flower pot shaped plastic container we use to plant plants into our AP deep-water raft system

Raft = the Styrofoam in the trough. 2” Dow blue Styrofoam insulation with painted top and holes for net pots

Trough = The box or “container” that holds our water in our grow beds, and floats our foam raft

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