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Friendly AP Micro System

The Micro System 64 and 128 Aquaponics system. Friendly Aquaponics, Hawaii sells plans to use to build and operate a deep-water raft Aquaponics system. It is what I decided to follow to build my first system

While I was shopping for media, I discovered Friendly Aquaponics (FAP) and really liked their grow beds and some of the short cuts they are using to save money. They have about 5500 gallons of grow beds and sell Organic Lettuce to Costco in Hawaii.

Their systems and growing processes are the only ones that are certified organic, which will bring you 50% to 100% more for the same produce on the wholesale market. This got me excited!

The FAP Micro System 64 and 128 plans cost $99 and come with great info about Aquaponics and system DIY.

So for my first system I am using 2 each of the FAP 4′x8′x 8″, deep water raft grow beds and the CHOP2 IBC 240 gallon fish tank for my system. All my construction and system design follows FAP Micro System 64 and 128 plans.

Here is one of the two FAP 4′x8′x 8″ grow beds

FAP Raft and Trough

FAP Raft and Trough

Each grow bed has a 2″ Dow blue board Styrofoam raft that I have drilled 128, 2″ diameter holes to hold 128 each of the 2″ net pots with plants.

Notice the lip on the pot on the left. The other one has no lip and falls through the holes in the Styrofoam! I accidentally bought pots without the lip, because they are less cost – they were wasted!

Net Pot

Slit pot and Net Pot

Note: Apparently there are several styles of these “cups” for planting in AP or Hydroponic systems. I see Net pots, Net cups, and Split cups. What I see most often in Net Pots describing those that have a matrix of similar square spaces, like a fish net, called Net pots.

Here is the fish tank I am using.

Fish Tank IBC

Fish Tank IBC

The system has one 3 gallon per minute water pump, and two aquarium air pumps each with two ports.

There are two air stones in the fish tank and one each at the water’s entrance in each grow bed.

The water and air run 24/7.


The Micro System 64 and 128 Aquaponics system:



Parts  List

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