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Fish Story

My Fish-Tilapia

First Tilapia

I started both of my systems with Tilapia, they died at 54 degrees F.

They were replaced with Gold fish and later a Koi too big for a friends small pond.

Mosquito Eating Fish

Another friend was rebuilding his Fish  Tank and gave me his Catfish and Perch. They survived the winter well and got large. Dave Pennington helped me drain the system and weigh the fish. We had 30 pounds between the two fish tanks. Not much if you are raising fish to eat but my intent was to raise just a few as the engine for my Aquaponic systems.


Dave took the biggest fish to the Richardson High school system so their system could be started. I still have a 15 pounds of Catfish and Perch split between two systems. One of the Cats is about 5 pounds, quite a beauty!

catfish 4

catfish 3


catfish 2I don’t like dressing fish so guess we will see how big the Catfish will grow!

OHare Tower Garden


Picture from Article: Aeroponic garden in O’Hare Airport.
Full size image link

Growing Organic produce close to where it is consumed is becoming very popular!

Take a look at these links (below) about the Vertical garden next to the restaurant that serves the produce, in the O’Hare Airport.

Remember that Aquaponics is superior and easier. Aeroponics requires added chemicals that are constantly monitored to keep in the proper balance.


Because the system can’t consume or balance the chemicals and byproducts, it produces waste chemicals and water that has to be thrown out or purified. This makes for a more expensive and more wasteful way of getting your greens! Still, it grows some fresh beautiful plants, 13 crops a year, and is much better than eating plants that are grown weeks ago and shipped lots of miles to get to us.


NBC Video: O’Hare International Airport.



ABC Video: Bell Book and Candle restaurant in Manhattan overview and how the systems work.





FOX Video: Playa Rivera restaurant in Los Angeles



Aeroponic Tower Garden manufacturer’s site