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AP Meeting Handout

See a Friendly Aquaponics Raft system and 2 flood/drain systems in Garland

Sunday, March 11, 2012, 2:00 PM – At Bob Jordan’s Home
Directions on Meetup Site.

At this meetup you will get to closely examine several different functioning designs for aquaponic systems, discussing the pros and cons of each type. We’ll have time for a thorough rundown on how all of these different systems work, how they have performed over time, and a ton of info on how they were constructed. A wealth of valuable experience will be on tap to save you time and money on your build.

This will not be a construction session, but an in-depth information session with plenty of time to take pictures and get an idea how these systems might work for you.

There will be opportunity to purchase 275 gallon food grade IBC totes you need any, along with fish feed and other necessities.

Bob Jordan’s got a great website with lots of pictures of his systems at

Hope to see you there! Dave Pennington


One IBC System

Dave will have his low cost, large yield, starter IBC based system on display. It is a super simple timed flood/drain system.

Friendly Aquaponics System
Green Fish Tank: Micro system 64, $99 for plans and training manual

This system is made from 1 each 275 gallon IBC container. The deep water raft tanks are made from plywood and 2x4s and lined with pond liner. It consists of about 630 gallons of water in 1 each 250 gallon FT, 2 each 4’x8’X8” deep 190 gallon rafts, with 2” foam rafts, 32 sq feet of growing area. The pump circulates water from the 2nd raft tank to the fish tank that overflows to refill rafts. There are two air pumps, one in the FT and one shared in the 2 raft tanks.

Murray Hallam System

Blue Fish Tank: Instructions provided as a PDF file on his DVD “DIY Aquaponics” about $50 delivered

System is made from 3 each 275 gallon IBC containers. 1 each 250 gallon FT, 2 each12 tall inch grow beds, one deep 16” GB fill and drain, auto siphons. It holds 275 gallons in the fish tank, 20 gallons in each of two short grow beds and 30 gallons in the tall grow bed. The sump holds about 80 for a system total of about 355 gallons.

System Overview

FAP system has perch and catfish from Brian’s old system in it, about 6-8 pounds. Started in June 2011 and planted July during heat wave

The Murray system has large gold fish and Koi, about 8-10 pounds. Started in July 2011 and planted late July during heat wave.

I have spent about $2000 on my system including:
5 IBC tanks, plans, books, training classes, lumber, paint, liner, pumps, air stones and hoses, plumbing, bricks, tools bits and consumables, water testing supplies, step stones, rock, fish, rock sorting equipment, plants, planting trays plugs and coconut coir (pronounced koi-yuh),

I have harvested produce worth about $50 retail. Keep in mind that all of this was out of season in the hottest part of the year – 70 days of over 100 degrees, and with 1/3 of the system used.


This is what has grown in my system:
(We put in everything we liked from Home Depot seed racks)

Carrots, 4 types of Lettuce (butter, Romaine, ice berg, Swiss chard) bok-choy, basil, Taro, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, squash, radish, rosemary, thyme, and other plants.


IBC aquaponic manual from Backyard Aquaponics
Travis Hughey’s Barrelponics manual

Aquaponic Gardening Book or